What is the most important consideration when you buy a new mattress?


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Making sure you sleep with the right amount of Support for your Posture
is the most important consideration when you buy a new mattress.

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Where Does 100% Pure Natural and Organic Latex come from?

Latex originally started as a Seed

Originally native to the Amazon rainforest

What is a Latex-Pedic Mattress?

A mattress is so important . . . SO IMPORTANT in helping you get a good night's sleep.  SO IMPORTANT to keeping your posture aligned correctly all night long.  SO IMPORTANT in keeping your body from losing circulation and leading to tossing and turning all night long.  WHY do you need an SOS MOBILITY Latex Mattress?  Because we have been working with people who have back conditions, arthritis, . . . muscle, bone and nerve problems for over 50 years, and nothing will give you a better night's sleep than our SOS MOBILITY latex mattresses.  Don't miss out.  Please take the time and talk to an SOS MOBILITY Latex Mattress specialist.  You will be glad you did!

SOS Latex Mattress Adjustable Beds
Why SOS MOBILITY Latex Mattress Adjustable Beds?

Because every inch higher and lower is a different weight and pressure on your muscles, bones and nerves.

If you ever look into a hospital bed room, you will see the patient with their back and their legs elevated.

This position is the zero gravity position: that helps to even out the pressure along your whole body.

Today, over 1,000,000 adjustable beds are sold each year.

NOTHING! is more comfortable than a SOS MOBILITY Latex Mattress Adjustable Bed.  NOTHING!!

No one knows more about Latex Mttress Adjustable Beds than us.  NO ONE!!!

Please take the time to talk to SOS MOBILITY.  Our experience will mean a good night's sleep for you!

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Why buy from SOS MOBILITY and not from a mattress or department store?
The main reason is that we know what we are talking about.  We are after a solution to your problem.  We both know we are not going to cure your serious condition, but we sincerely want you to know that we can HELP! and usually HELP a lot!  Nothing is more soothing and comfortable to your bones, muscles and nerves than 100% PURE TALALAY LATEX, which has the mattress industry's number one overall ratings for support, comfort, pressure-relief, breathability and toxin-free.  Select a SOS Latex Mattress for your personal use, and take a health break.  

What is the best mattress for back pain condition problems?

What is the best mattress for arthritis?

What is the best mattress for muscle, bone and nerve pain problems and conditions?

Check out SOS MOBILITY Latex Mattresses.  You will be glad you did!