11" Whole Mattress Queen Size 60" x 80"--100% Pure Natural Talalay Latex. 3-Layers. 3-Zippers.

  1. Whole Mattress 8-step 100% Pure Natural Talalay Latex.  Completely Reversible.  Quilted on Both Sides.  3-Separate Layers.  3-Separate Chambers.  3-Separate Zippers.  20-Year Warranty.
  2. 2" of Pressure-Relieving Layer of 100% Pure NatualTalalay Latex on Both Sides.  Each Layer wrapped in its own organic cotton sock.  Separate Zipper. 
  3. 6" Middle Supporting Core 100% Pure Natural Talalay Latex in Middle.  Wrapped in its own organic cotton sock.  Separate Zipper. Separate chamber.
  4. Certified Organic Cotton and Wool Quilting on both sides.  Each mattress is completely hand-made one-at-a-time. Separate Layers are more breathable and responsive.  Not glued together.
  5. 100% Pure Natural Talalay Latex has the #1 overall ratings in the mattress industry for Natural and Toxin-Free, Pressure-Relieving, Breathability, Durability, Consistency and Resiliency.

queensize Whole Mattress Natural Certified Organic Cotton and Wool

Natural Whole Mattress


Whole Mattress Certified Organic Cotton and Wool Quilting


3-zipper organic cotton sock cover hole mattress


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Once Upon a Time . . .There were seeds native to the Amazon Rainforest that grew up to become Hevea Brasiliensis Trees; where its sap was tapped; and then imported into the USA and foamed into mattress cores using the 100% Pure Natural Talalay Process, which has the #1 Highest Overall Ratings in the Mattress Industry for Natural and Toxin Free, Resiliency, Durability, Breathability, Consistency, Support and Pressure-Relief.  You cannot buy a more comfortable and natural Mattress.  The Whole Mattress is quilted on both sides with 1/2" of Certified Organic Cotton & Wool Quilting.  Each Latex layer has its own organic cotton sock and zipper!   The 3-zippers makes the Whole Mattress more breathable, resilient, responsive and interchangeable. We don't know how to make a better mattress.  If we did . . . It would be done!  The Whole Mattress is designed for people who care about what goes on inside their mattress - and how their mattress is made.  Completely reversible.  Quilted on both sides; Hand-crafted one-at-a-time. 20-year warranty

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